Start your planning with these businesses, a copy of the travel guide, help from our friendly staff and more!
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Travel Guide

The 2016 Dubuque Travel Guide is a valuable resource filled with full-color photography and insightful information that depicts a wide variety of Dubuque area experiences and local business information.

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Iowa Wecome Center

The Iowa Welcome Center is located at the heart of the downtown area. With Dubuque and Iowa souvenirs abound, friendly faces, and lots of information – the staff at the Dubuque Iowa Welcome Center is excited to help you navigate the community.

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Located in the Tri-State Area, where the Mighty Mississippi creates a natural border between the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, Dubuque is within a day’s drive of the Midwest’s largest cities.

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Your questions may have already been answered! Here we’ve provided a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding local attractions, how to get around Dubuque and more.

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