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Art on the River

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National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

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Grand Harbor Resort & Waterpark

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Mines of Spain

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Diamond Jo Casino

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Holiday Inn Dubuque/Galena

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Julien Dubuque International Film Festival | April 23-27

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Mystique Casino

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Dubuque Museum of Art

What will you do in Dubuque?

Take a relaxing stroll along the riverwalk, part of the 26 mile Heritage Trail that connects the river to Dyersville’s Field of Dreams, or jump aboard an authentic paddlewheeler and experience the Mississippi River hands-on. Traverse the many trails and waterways that span across the landscape. Soak in the expansive views that adorn the historic bluffs. Make friends with curious critters at the Smithsonian affiliated National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Take in the vibrant heritage of the river. Go to a show, visit the museums or spend some time in any of our boutique stores or local restaurants. No matter your particular taste, Dubuque has it!

Easter Fun In Dubuque

Easter Fun In Dubuque

Whether you are visiting Dubuque or a resident…there is lots of fun to be had when Peter Cottontail comes to town.
The Excitement of our Nightlife

The Excitement of our Nightlife

With the throw of the dice or the turn of the card, Dubuque has nightlife to entertain everyone! Thrilling games of chance...
Cozy, Quiet, Corners

Cozy, Quiet, Corners

Need to do more than get away on the weekends? Discover Dubuque’s cozy – and quiet – corners to sneak away to when a moment to yourself is hard to find...
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