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Photo Requests

Did you recently get a request from us for your photo? Here is what that means.

Millwork District PHOTO: @capturedbycorbin

Travel Dubuque loves to share the experience of our visitors first hand.

Many of the photos we share on social media are taken by locals or folks passing through. New content is collected by sending out rights requests to use photos that capture #WhereIowaStarted. These are primarily used on social or digital platforms due to the size and resolution of the photo. Once you’ve given permission by commenting #yesdubuque on the photo, our system will recognize the hashtag and catalog the photo along with your handle for proper credit. (Please comment on the photo and not via a direct message for this to work.) On occasion, photos are used in print in small spaces with credit - again due to size. (See examples of usage below via an image gallery, a single image embed, and our Travel Guide.) Some photos may be used on our affiliated and Travel Dubuque run social accounts. These photos are not shared with any third-parties and are only used by the Travel Dubuque team. Some of these accounts include: Travel Dubuque Welcome Center, If You Build It Exhibit, Beyond the Game, and Team of Dreams.

Have questions?

We recommend sending a DM via Instagram or emailing us for further clarification!