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Follow the 26 Mile Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail winds through beautiful landscapes carved out by a once bustling railroad route.

Starting in Dubuque, follow the 26 mile path to Dyersville, Iowa, home of the Field of Dreams.

family bike riding dubuque PHOTO: @jolenedarter


The Dubuque trail access point is located 3 miles north of Dubuque on US 52 at Rupp Hollow Road at Heritage Pond (11330 Rupp Hollow - Dubuque, IA 52001). This area features a restroom, water fountain, and parking. For even more fun #WhereIowaStarted the trail also connects to several city bike trails. ? @jolenedarter


‚ÄčLocated just off of Highway 52, the Durango access (14758 Burtons Furnace Road - Durango, IA 52039) and portion of the trail crosses the Little Maquoketa River. In fact there is a canoe access nearby if you want to switch gears and hit the water. (Bonus - it has a break stop at the Durango Depot where you can grab a meal before you continue your exploring.)

Heritage Trail


The access point in Epworth (11616 Gun Club Road - Epworth, IA 52046) offers parking overlooks the Little Maquoketa River valley. Nearby is Centennial Ball Park with water and restrooms. ? @elen_rc


The Graf access point (490 Graf Road - Durango, IA 52039) features parking, a picnic shelter, restroom, and fix it station. Nearby you can take your adventures to the next level and check out a fossil site.


The Farley access (11053 Holy Cross Road - Farley, IA 52046) is the high point of the trail with a picnic shelter, fix it station, and parking.

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The access at Dyersville (2022 Beltline Road - Dyersville, IA 52040) is just 4 miles from the iconic Field of Dreams Movie Site. It also features a picnic shelter, water fountain, and parking. While in town, visit the National Farm Toy Museum, have a catch, and sit down for a well deserved slice of pie at Country Junction. ? @loveofgoldens


Get your bearings.

Check out this map from the Dubuque County Conservation with mileage, canoe launches nearby, access points, and more.