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Group Tours

Our businesses and organizations are ready to welcome groups to navigate through our diverse landscape filled with lively culture and modern amenities.

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5 Ways We’ll Help You Plan

From itinerary creation, rate gathering, welcome bag creation and more, our team at Travel Dubuque will help you plan your group tour so you can worry about the important things - providing your guests with a quality experience. 

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Step-On Guided Service

Sit back and relax as our overly qualified local guides explore the streets of Dubuque with your group!

Tours offered include: Historic Progressive Dinner

Group Tour Friendly Happenings

Looking for an add-on to your upcoming trips? Check out these Group Tour friendly events.

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Start Exploring

Featured Itineraries

Preformed itineraries are a great way to start your exploration. We recommend checking out the following.


More to explore.

What are transportation options?

Make navigating the area easier by downloading the travel sheet with air, car, bus and river transportation details. Download

Is there a map of the downtown I can use to plan?

Download our Group-Tour Friendly downtown map to have at your convenience our share with your guests. Download

Who do I contact to learn more?

Ready to build your next safe & unforgettable Dubuque experience? Email Becky Carkeek or call 563.845.7698.