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The Story of Dubuque’s Iconic Street Art

Historic brick buildings matched with vibrant storytelling makes up nearly 40 murals throughout Dubuque.

How Dubuque became a community transformed by street art.


The beginning.

The catalyst to this effort was at the 2015 Voices Gallery Show held in the Historic Millwork District. The theme for that event was all about murals and the movement for public street art in Dubuque was born. ? @englandandiowa


The landscape of Downtown Dubuque.

In 2016 & 2017, following the excitement of the last annual Voices Gallery Show, the work to start taking art to the streets began. Murals were popping up throughout the downtown district adding colorful backdrops throughout the area. ?@bradnoonanphoto


A mural boom.

Today, murals are a part of the fabric of Dubuque. The heart of historic downtown is dotted with beautiful works of art from artists known across the world for their mural work. ?@el_chan_guri

Flower Mural Dubuque

Floral Wonder

​One of the most recognizable murals in downtown Dubuque, titled ‘Ada Hayden’ was created by artist Gaia. The floral mural honors the life of Iowan botanist, educator, and preservationist, Ada Hayden. (Located at 233 Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa)

Street Art Mural

Greetings from Dubuque

Among some of the newest murals to adorn the historic walls of Dubuque is this vintage postcard depiction of the Mississippi River. (Located between 10th Street and Jackson Street, Dubuque, Iowa)

Solidarity Mural Street Art PHOTO: rootsandwilds

United in Solidarity

This mural was is the result of a community effort to come together and put concept into reality. Located on the Five Flags Center, the symbolism found throughout this mural represents communities of color, abilities, and identities.


Monster Murals

These larger than life murals are truly a site to see. From playful compositions to harrowing storytelling, the story of Dubuque’s walls are something to behold. ?@milestunerartist

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