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Local Goods by Good Locals

Shop small year round with this local shopping pass.

PHOTO: @jsqi

The Details

Shop small year-round at Dubuque area shops. Earn points by checking in to participating locations or using a coupon on your purchase. Points can be redeemed for #WhereIowaStarted goodies.


More about Local Goods:

●  Earn 20 points by checking in to each location using GPS verification (requires location services).

  Earn 10 points by redeeming the coupon code for each retailer (coupon expires after 10 minutes, so only redeem when ready to make a purchase). One redemption per pass.

  No purchases are necessary (but are encouraged!) to participate.

  Prizes are picked up at the Travel Dubuque Welcome Center (280 Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa)

  Pass expires in November of 2023.


Thank you to the Dubuque Racing Association for funding Travel Dubuque’s passport program that includes ‘Local Goods’.