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Farmers Market Bucket List

Take advantage of our guide to Iowa's oldest farmers market!

Make plans to visit the market and start checking items off the bucket list!


Come Early

Rise and shine it’s market time! Iowa’s oldest farmers market, The Dubuque Farmers Market, starts bright and early at 7 AM and if you want some of the freshest baked goods or produce, you’ll want to be early. Pro tip: Some vendors sell out of their best items by 9 AM! We aren’t joking!

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Travel the Culinary World

So, you’ve made it out of bed and to the market, now what? Breakfast of course! Dubuque’s cultural vibrancy is shown not only all over town but even in its farmers market vendors. Pro tip: Get the breakfast burrito from Adobos.

Dubuque Farmers' Market

Grab a Coffee & Listen to the Music

With more than 90 vendors, Dubuque’s farmers market can get tiring, so don’t forget to take a break. We suggest grabbing a coffee from one of the vendors and stopping to enjoy the music stationed throughout. You’ll find multiple musicians spanning all sorts of genres. Don’t forget to throw a buck in their tip jar if you got one!

Dubuque Farmers' Market

Make a Furry Friend

Dubuque’s Farmers Market is dog friendly! Whether you’re bringing your own pup or just saying hi to someone else’s, your furry friends will have as good of a time as you. Don’t forget to grab a homemade dog treat too.


Stop and Smell the Flowers

Did you really go to Farmers Market if you didn’t leave with fresh flowers? Lucky for you, Iowa’s oldest farmers’ market has plenty of options to choose from!

Dubuque Farmers' Market

Buy some Art & Meet the Artist

Celebrate the amazing arts and crafts vendors available at market. Check out photography, jewelry, watercolors, or a hand-poured candles. Don’t forget to ask them about their art or process, sometimes it’s the story that makes the piece. Plus, it’s nice to leave Farmers Market with something that won’t just get eaten on the car ride home, right?

Dubuque Farmers' Market

Make a #MarketMeal

Looking to take home a challenge? Here’s a fun idea, see what you can find exclusively at the market to take home and create a culinary masterpiece out of… or just a meal, we’ll let you set the bar on your skills.

Dubuque Farmers' Market

Post Your Pics

There’s so much to see at Iowa’s oldest farmers market that you’ll for sure want to capture your #MarketMoment and share it with all your friends. When you do, tag us using #WhereIowaStarted and @TravelDubuque so we can check out your cool market pics too!

Come Back Soon!

The Dubuque Farmers Market vendors are ever-changing. Some vendors are drop-in only and others change out their offerings throughout the market season, so you’ll never know what great things you are going to find at Iowa’s oldest farmers market.


Get the bucket list!

Printed copies are available at the Farmers Market Information booth onsite or at the Travel Dubuque Welcome Center (while supplies last). Print your own bucket list and take it along with you as you peruse Iowa’s oldest market!

Vendor Map

Wanna know who is where in advance of going to market?