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5 Reasons to Add a Supper Club to Your Next Visit

Experience a Midwest staple #WhereIowaStarted.

PHOTO: Travel Dubuque

Supper Clubs are a real Midwest treat, here’s 5 reasons they should be on your itinerary when you visit Dubuque.

View at Timmermans PHOTO: Timmermans Supper Club

It’s a Time to Unwind

Supper Clubs are meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Snack on a relish tray or salad bar (more on that in a bit), sip on an Old Fashion or two, and get ready for a laid back meal with good company.

ryokomonkee-Instagram-1086-ig-17885963258520281_1.jpg PHOTO: @ryokomonkee

The Nostalgia

Dim lighting, wood paneling, and maybe even some patterned wallpaper, supper clubs are anything but fussy. Enjoy the atmosphere that takes things back to a time when things were a little simpler.

millennium_marina-Instagram-1086-ig-17898941845596802.jpg PHOTO: @millennium_marina

Relish Trays & Salad Bars

Olives, eggs, veggies, meats and a good ol’ cheese spread are just some of the things you might find on a supper club relish tray. Venture to the salad bar and you’ll find all the fixins for a salad along with a variety of goodies like macaroni salad, coleslaw, and maybe even a Jell-O concoction or two.

stuffieated-Instagram-1086-ig-17964977464457153.jpg PHOTO: @stuffieated

Entrees for Days

Prime rib? Check. Mouthwatering steaks? You betcha. Fish fry? Of course. These entrees don’t disappoint and are often accompanied with words like “if you go there you gotta try the…”

iowasian-Instagram-1086-ig-17937139057314581_(1).jpg PHOTO: @iowasian

Ice Cream Drinks

Pink Squirrels and Grasshoppers are the best way to end a night at a supper club. These drinkable desserts are made with liqueur and ice cream but if you are traveling with little ones – these can often be made kid friendly.

louisburg_junction-Instagram-1086-ig-17907871334454593.jpg PHOTO: @louisburg_junction

Where can you find a supper club nearby?

The Dubuque area is fortunate to have many supper clubs throughout the Tri-States. On this side of the river, you can find The Moracco Supper Club and The Bridge. Just across the Wisconsin bridge you can find Louisburg Junction, Village Bar Supper Club, Country Heights Supper Club. Across the river in Illinois, you can find Timmerman’s Supper Club, and on Saturdays Millennium Bar & Marina hosts Supper Club Saturdays during their seasonal hours.