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5 Reasons Dubuque is the Most Enchanting Destination

Dubuque is full of magical adventures just waiting to be discovered

Explore the wondrous land of where Iowa started.

field of dreams dog running bases

You can live out your biggest dreams.

Experience the magic of the Field of Dreams Movie Site, just around the corner from Dubuque in Dyersville. Emerge from the corn like the ghost players and play catch on the most beloved baseball diamond in the world.

You can see untouched wonders.

Explore the underground world of Crystal Lake Cave. See the miraculous, untouched, two-million-year-old landscape of stalagmites and stalactites on an other-worldly spelunking adventure.

mississippi river girl playing dubuque

You can walk along side mother nature.

Encounter one of nature’s most magnificent creations, the Mississippi River. Take a stroll along the art-filled River Walk, hop aboard the American Lady Yacht for a sunset cruise, or rent a kayak at the Port of Dubuque Marina and paddle it yourself.

You can take a once-in-a-lifetime ride.

Climb to new heights on the world’s shortest and steepest funicular railway, the Fenelon Place Elevator. Built in 1882, this quaint cable car ride rewards with breathtaking views of historic downtown and the mighty Mississippi River.

star brewery complex dubuque iowa

You can witness the beginning of beer.

Learn about the rich past of brewing in Dubuque at the historic Star Brewery Complex. Then sample the area’s most modern brews at 7 Hills, Jubeck New World Brewing, Backpocket Brewing Co., River Ridge Brewing and Potosi Brewing Co.