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Riverboats in Dubuque

The mighty Mississippi River is the world’s fourth longest river and makes its way through Dubuque’s front yard. With a rich culture tied to the waterway - it is common to see riverboats making their way up and down the river even today. 

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Meet the Boats

Along the Mississippi

During late spring through late fall, you can see a variety of riverboats making their way to Dubuque, stopping to explore Iowa’s oldest community.

PHOTO: Alex Dixon

American Lady Yacht

The American Lady Yacht is Dubuque’s only riverboat offering daily cruises from Schmitt Island. Whether it’s a lunch, happy hour, or dinner cruise, this vessel has both indoor and outdoor seating and you may even get a chance to drive the boat with the captain. This boat is located alongside restaurant (and local hangout) Catfish Charlie’s.

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Riverboat Twilight

The Riverboat Twilight, based in LeClaire, IA offers guests the chance to stay overnight in Dubuque on one of their weekly two-day cruises, starting in May. This vessel features a calliope that plays music as it departs a community and is recognizable by the locals who can be seen waving to passengers. It also has three floors with indoor and outdoor seating.

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Celebration Belle

Another boat that comes from south of Dubuque, is the Celebration Belle, whose home port is Moline, IL. This ship is the largest non-gaming boat on the upper Mississippi River. This paddle wheeler offers a variety of cruises including a trip from the Quad Cities into Dubuque beginning in June.

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2024 Riverboat Schedule ​

Want to know when boats will be in port? Click below for the 2024 schedule.

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What's Nearby

There are many things to see and do while watching the river traffic. Here are a few things within walking distance!


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Are there public tours available?

When docked, boats do not offer public tours. Only patrons are allowed on and off the vessel.

Will the boats arrive on time?

The nature of riverboat traffic is slightly unpredictable with rising waters, low waters, locking through, weather, and other issues. The times and dates provided are approximate and subject to change.