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Explore Where Iowa Started this August

​Visiting the Dubuque area in anticipation of MLB at Field of Dreams presented by GEICO? Look no further than this guide of what to see and do this August.

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Where to start

America's Favorite Pastime

The Dubuque area is rich in baseball traditions. Did you know Charles Comiskey, key in the formation of the American League and former owner of the Chicago White Sox, once lived in Dubuque? (There’s even a Comiskey Park in Dubuque!) Learn this and more as you dive into the area’s baseball roots.

Beyond the Game

This ‘Iowa Baseball Experience’ features a line-up of events on August 11 & 12 that includes a country concert, kids zone, movie night, official MLB Viewing Party, and more, Beyond the Game will provide fun for the entire family.

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PHOTO: Tri-County Historical Society

Experience the History

The Tri-County Historical Society is home to an exhibit on the life and career of Baseball Hall of Famer, Urban ‘Red’ Faber. A native of nearby Cascade, Iowa, ‘Red’ played ball for the Chicago White Sox until 1933 and was inducted into the hall in 1964.

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Dive Deeper

Perhaps you’ve visited the Field of Dreams Movie Site, or you’re just an avid fan of the movie. Either way, the If You Build It Exhibit in Dyersville is a great way to dig a little further into how the movie ended up filming in this small town and the lasting effects its had on the region.

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Get out and explore.

Dubuque is #WhereIowaStarted. From its founding in 1833 to the colorful landscapes of the modern-day, Dubuque has a rich history full of Iowa’s firsts and world-famous destinations, just waiting to be rediscovered today.


Are there events happening that week?

Beyond the Game will be held August 11 - 12 in Dyersville, Iowa and will host a free country concert, movie night, official viewing party, and more! Learn more.

Where do I buy tickets for the game?

MLB announced a lottery will be available exclusively to residents of Iowa starting Friday, July 16th through Friday, July 23rd. Learn more.

Where can I stay?

We recommend calling our Travel Dubuque Welcome Center at 800.798.8844 to find out more about lodging during the week of August 12.

More to explore.

Take a look at what is happening to celebrate the week of August 12! Check back often for new deals and offerings.

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Stop, Sip, and Stamp.

Try a flight, have a beer, and enjoy. Support our local breweries with a purchase and get a stamp. Once you’ve collected all seven stamps, bring it to the Travel Dubuque Welcome Center for a free aluminum bottle opener.

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