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Find Storied Vistas in Jones County

Enjoy a mix of history and nature, exploring the area that inspired the works of Grant Wood.

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A guide to Jones County.

Jones County offers diverse attractions highlighting its natural beauty and cultural richness. Located just southwest of Dubuque, it's a must-see region and the perfect road trip away. From its history in pivotal art movements to modern-day entertainment opportunities, you'll find storied vistas in these rolling hills.

Anamosa 48 miles

Center Junction 45 miles

Martelle 55 miles

Monticello 36 miles

Morley 54 miles

Olin 54 miles

Onslow 41 miles

Oxford Junction 50 miles

Stone City 52 miles

Wyoming 45 miles

*indicates miles from Dubuque
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Get the road trip gear ready as you make plans to explore the region. While this guide is a great start, you'll find even more places you won't want to miss in Jones County on our Explore, Stay, and Taste sections. 

Arts & Culture

Jones County is steeped in art history. Grant Wood was born in Anamosa. Known for his iconic painting, 'American Gothic,' Wood drew inspiration from the natural landscape he grew up in. Just down the road from Anamosa is Stone City. This quaint town once played a crucial part in the American Regionalist movement, having been the home of Grant Wood's artist colony. Today, you can take in the familiar sights and stop by the Grant Wood Art Gallery (pictured) in Anamosa, take a selfie in front of the American Gothic House Replica in Stone City, or see the Antioch School where Wood attended school in Anamosa.

Nature & Outdoors

This area offers abundant natural beauty and outdoor activities, highlighted by the picturesque Wapsipinicon State Park, known for its scenic bluffs, caves, and diverse wildlife. The Maquoketa and Wapsipinicon Rivers provide excellent opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Numerous trails and parks, such as Central Park (pictured) and the Grant Wood Scenic Byway, invite hiking, biking, and bird-watching enthusiasts to explore the region's lush landscapes and serene environments. These natural attractions make Jones County a haven for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Heritage & History

Jones County, established in 1837 and named after Senator George Wallace Jones, has a rich heritage rooted in agriculture and early European settlement. Key landmarks include the Anamosa State Penitentiary (pictured), built in 1873, and Wapsipinicon State Park. Historical societies and museums in the area preserve its diverse and resilient past, highlighting the county's significant contributions to the cultural and economic fabric of Iowa.


Want to know more?

What is the population of Jones County?

20,805 according to the 2021 US Census.

Did Grant Wood live in Jones County?

Grant Wood, a famous American painter best known for his rural landscapes and American Gothic, was born in Anamosa, IA (Jones County).  Later in life, he started his Art Colony in Stone City (Jones County) and is buried in Riverside Cemetery.

Is Jones County UTV friendly?

Yes! Check out this map of UTV trails in Jones County.