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Find Inviting Waters in Delaware County

Home to an abundance of outdoor recreation, including the largest whitewater park in the Midwest.

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A guide to Delaware County.

Delaware County is rich with natural wonder and the perfect place to get outside and explore. Located just west of Dubuque, it's a must-see region and the perfect road trip away. From its cascading rapids to its small-town charm, there's something for everyone in these parts.

Colesburg 33 miles

Delaware 38 miles

Delhi 40 miles

Dundee 56 miles

Earlville 34 miles

Greeley 45 miles

Hopkinton 40 miles

Manchester 44 miles 

Masonville 51 miles

Ryan 52 miles

*indicates miles from Dubuque
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Get the road trip gear ready as you make plans to explore the region. While this guide is a great start, you'll find even more places you won't want to miss in Delaware County on our Explore, Stay, and Taste sections. 

Arts & Culture

Delaware County boasts a vibrant arts scene that reflects its rich cultural heritage and community spirit. The area hosts a variety of events and festivals that showcase local talent, from live music performances to art exhibitions. Iowa's Makers (pictured) in Dundee is a vibrant hub for artisans and craftsmen, showcasing an eclectic mix of handmade goods. Local galleries and public art installations add a creative flair to the quaint towns, making Delaware County a nurturing environment for artists and art lovers alike.

Nature & Outdoors

This area is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, featuring picturesque landscapes and a variety of recreational opportunities. Backbone State Park, Iowa's oldest state park, is a highlight with its rugged terrain, clear streams, and extensive trail system perfect for hiking, fishing, and camping. The Whitewater Park (pictured) in Manchester offers thrilling kayaking and tubing experiences along the revitalized Maquoketa River, drawing outdoor enthusiasts from across the region. These natural attractions, combined with the county's rolling hills and scenic byways, make Delaware County a perfect destination for experiencing the beauty of the Iowa outdoors.

Heritage & History

Rich in heritage and history, Delaware County was established in 1837 and named after the Delaware Native American tribe. The county's historical roots are preserved in landmarks like the Delaware County Courthouse (pictured), an architectural gem from the 19th century. The Delaware County Historical Society maintains a museum and archives that celebrate the area's pioneer history and agricultural heritage. Through these sites and local historical events, Delaware County offers a window into the lives and stories of its early settlers, preserving the legacy of the region for future generations.


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What is the population of Delaware County?

17,568 according to the 2021 US Census.