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Conversations With A Ghost Player at the Field Of Dreams

This year holds many exciting things happening at the Field of Dreams.

Hear from Ghost Player Marv Maiers on his history with the Field of Dreams, love of baseball, and memories at the world's most famous diamond.


What is your fondest memory of the Field of Dreams?

“The fondest memory I have is the people that I’ve met at the field, overseas, and from across the country. Some of the most amazing people, and that’s not just celebrities or major leaguers but regular people I’ve met along the way. That is the thing that, when I’m done, I’ll carry with me.”


What has surprised you the most over the past 30 years?

“This goes back to the early part of the Ghost Players, but just to see how many people showed up. Every Sunday-I’d look at Keith and go what the heck? When we’d come over the hill and you’d see how many cars there were, the guys would look at each other and say holy cow! I’d also say the characters you would meet. If you interviewed all the guys- you could fill books with wonderful memories of the field.”


What are you most excited about with the announcement of a Major League Baseball Game at the Field of Dreams?

“This is something Keith nd I talked about 20 years ago- about something like this happening. At one time we sat down with people we’d met over the years that could make it work, but nothing ever came of it. You’d hear rumblings of things happening at the field, but it just never happened. Denise Stillman planted this seed a few years ago and I’m not sure anybody expected it to grow. Anything that happens the day of the game is going to be fun because it’s happening.


What is your favorite part of the movie?

“The real parts of the movie are my favorite. Anything to do with Chisholm, MN. The Ghost Players had our pictures taken on Doc Graham’s front steps, we met his secretary and heard the stories about him. I also like the end where he plays catch with hid dad. We all say or do something along the way with our folks that we wish we could fix. In real life if you don’t fix it yourself, you don’t get another chance. in the movie he does. It’s the magic of the movie.”


What does being a Ghost Player mean to you?

“I’ve always been extremely humbled and thankful to have done this. Keith had blind faith in us. No one knew what we were doing, no one had any idea of the longevity of this thing. I’m thankful to Keith for what we’ve done. we turned out to be pretty good at it. I mean, who the heck plans of doing something for 30 years and enjoys what they do? There is a reason people come back to that place. I’d like to think we are a part of that.”