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Tri-State Champion

Are you a member of a local, regional, or national convention?

PHOTO: Travel Dubuque

If so, we need you to help bring your group to Dubuque!

Street Art

You might wonder why you should become at Tri-State Champion

This is your chance to shine in the light of your colleagues and friends by showcasing the community that you enjoy so much!

Will it take a lot of work?

Work with the Travel Dubuque team and it will be easy!

How do I reach out to get my group here?

Work with the Travel Dubuque team, they will make the ask!

Will I have to contact a lot of people and put together events for them?

Work the Travel Dubuque team, they will do all of that for you!


What's in it for you?

How about a $100 Visa Gift Card for just referring a group and another $100 Visa Gift Card if the group does book here! (Minimum of 150 hotel room nights booked per night.)

Let's get started!

Contact Julie Kronlage, Vice President of Sales, to get the ball rolling.