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The Magic of The Field of Dreams Continues

For the past 30 years, the sunset dusted cornfields of Iowa have been home to many stories, but most notably the Ghost Players of the Field of Dreams.

Just around the corner from where Iowa started in Dyersville, Iowa, is the iconic home of the Field of Dreams Movie Site.


The Ghost Players Begin

In the Fall of 1990 , four Dyersville natives including Keith Rahe and Marv Maiers cared for the field post movie production and began to play catch on the diamond regularly.


A young girl watched them come from the corn examining “it’s the ghost players,” and seemingly overnight people flocked to the movie site in hope of seeing the Ghost Players in action. Local news picked up this story, tapping into the magic of the world’s most famous field, only the spread the word that the Ghost Players were back.


What began as a team of four in Dyersville grew to a full entourage of 30 individuals dressed as the Ghost Players in uniform touring the world, bringing the joy of baseball and the Field of Dreams to millions of people. Since 1990, the Ghost Players have toured 45 of the 50 United States and 25 international destinations. ” We literally interacted with millions of people throughout the world,” said Keith Rahe.


In addition to their solo tours bringing baseball to the hearts of many, the Ghost Players traveled with the USO bringing a taste of home to those who serve. “The opportunity for us to go there (USO tour) and bring a little piece of Americana with us, it mean t a lot to them,” said Rahe. “It’s not just a love of the Field of Dreams that the Ghost Players have brought to the world but more so a love of baseball.”


Beyond their touring years, the Ghost Players continue their show at the Field of Dreams in the summer months as the movie site welcomes baseball enthusiasts from all over the world. From their Ghost Sunday Comedy Show to playing ball with the greats starts of Major Leauge Baseball during the Team of Dreams event, these real-life Ghost Players are keeping the magic of where Iowa started alive.