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Foodie Guide to Dubuque: Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Dubuque is a foodie paradise. Filled with locally owned restaurants, up & coming breweries, and established wineries, there is something for everyone here.

A progressive experience in the Millwork District.

Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Thoughtfully Unique

Tucked away in the Historic Millwork District where lumber was onced milled, sits Brazen Open Kitchen | Bar. Opened in 2015 by Chef Kevin Scharpf with the goal of creating thoughtfully unique plates that are relevant anywhere in the culinary world, but available right here in Dubuque.

Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Always Fresh

Brazen focuses on locally harvested and

in-season food by working with local farmers, growers, and suppliers to bring top quality ingredients to their kitchen. How do you

know what you get is fresh? There are no freezers at Brazen!

Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Q: Tell Us About Yourself

I am the chef and proprietor of Brazen Open Kitchen | Bar that I opened in February 2015. I have been fortunate in my career to have opportunities to help me grow as a chef and offer a unique experience for Dubuque.

Brazen Tortilla Dubuque

Q: What is the best thing about our food scene?

A: Dubuque offers a variety of experiences. We are proud to be a part of some long standing small business restaurants that have helped pave the way.

Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Q: What do you love about Dubuque?

A: Dubuque is on a major progressive up swing. We have a great community of people that are taking pride in what they do and supporting all of our local businesses.

Brazen Open Kitchen Bar

Q: Where can someone find you on the weekends?

A: Most often at Brazen. If I had to choose places to go, we have a great selection of local breweries, the Farmers’ Market and Millwork Night Market are some of my faves.

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Seasonally fresh local ingredients,prepared with technique that enhances taste