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Fall Weekend Guide for Couples

Ready to explore #WhereIowaStarted with your partner this fall and looking for an itinerary of things to do? Look no further.

PHOTO: @sherahemile

Pick and choose your favorite stops or visit them all.

Float & Fly PHOTO: Float and Fly Wellness Studio

Float & Fly Wellness Studio

Want to relax completely and feel weightless doing it? Try out Float & Fly’s float therapy pods. Suspend your body in a supersaturated saline solution that allows your body to relax deeply in a zero-gravity state. (Good to know: Reservations are required in advance.)

Park Farm Winery PHOTO: @dmarkworth10

Park Farm Winery

After a morning of relaxation, make the short scenic drive to Park Farm Winery in Bankston, Iowa. Here you will find amazing views paired with home-grown wines and wood-fired pizzas. (? Pet Friendly)

American Lady Yacht Cruises PHOTO: @2_ha_neul

American Lady Sunset Cruise

Plan to hop aboard the American Lady Yacht where you can catch an amazing sunset next to the vibrant bluffs along the Mississippi River. (Good to know: Reservations are required in advance.)

Smokestack PHOTO: @smokestackdbq

Smokestack Rooftop

This three-level venue is home to live music and a rooftop bar. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in downtown Dubuque that you and your partner will want to experience yourselves.

Mines of Spain

Mines of Spain

Nearly 1,500 acres of land awaits you for exploring. From wooded areas to vast prairies and historic landmarks, this park is as beautiful as it is significant to the story of #WhereIowaStarted. (? Pet Friendly)

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