Al Capp’s world-famous comic strip characters populate this upbeat musical extravaganza in a satisfying mixture of hillbilly nonsense and sharp, critical humor. “It’s a Typical Day” as the citizens of Dogpatch, U.S.A. go about their daily activities. Daisy Mae intends to catch Li’l Abner on Sadie Hawkins Day, so he’ll be forced to marry her. But before that can happen, the small town learns it’s been declared the most useless place in the country and will be used as an atomic test bombsite, unless they can prove their worth. Abner’s mother, Mammy Yokum, could have the answer — but even her Yokumberry tonic might not be enough to save Dogpatch. A fun-filled, foot-stompin’ musical taken directly from the comics, Li’l Abner is laced with gentle satire, rib-tickling humor, and a host of brash, catchy tunes.

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