Beyond The Stars is a family owned company built on strong moral values and a love for dance. Now in our 13th year, we promise that our focus will never change; the dancers will always come first! We’ll keep working to provide a positive competition experience for dancers and their families. We are constantly striving to improve by reevaluating everything from our rules to our trophies each and every year.
The Beyond the Stars Directors, Ginny Faubell & Nikki Tennant, keep a watchful eye over everything that BTS offers; they build our trophies in house, they are their own production company for all the photos and videos, and they produce all the BTS apparel in house through their clothing company, S & S Design. Every BTS employee takes pride in their reputation for hosting organized and fair events that run on time or ahead of schedule.
The BTS judges are not the current reality TV sensations; they are professional dancers with extensive teaching experience who understand the importance of each moment the dancers spend on our stage. They offer three levels of competition to give every dancer the best opportunity to compete against dancers with similar training. BTS awards overalls and cash prizes in all three levels to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of as many dancers as possible. In 2018, BTS is hosting over 60 dance events and 4 national finals.

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