Dubuque on a bargain for a day

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Spring has sprung. Summer is coming. Rather than traveling to a faraway destination, stay in Dubuque for a fun filled day that doesn’t break the bank. Options abound for families, singles, grandparents, or couples. Deciding how to spend the day is the biggest problem. For this Dubuque Day let us assume the weather is good.

Breakfast at Eagle Point Park is a fantastic way to start. Is there a more welcome aroma than bacon sizzling on a grill? Add some eggs and potatoes and breakfast is served. If cooking outside is not your thing, then pick up some doughnuts and fruit on your way to the park. Enjoy the views, take a walk, let the kids play on the playground equipment,  or just relax and breathe. At a cost of $1 for each car, Eagle Point Park  is a real bargain.

After leaving the park head to 4th Street for a ride on the funicular! The 4th St. Elevator is one of the shortest steepest railways in the world. The views of Dubuque, the Mississippi River, Illinois, and Wisconsin cannot be surpassed. Cost of this adventure is only $3 per round trip for adults and $1.50 for children.

Swiss Valley Nature Preserve or the Mines of Spain offer miles of hiking.  Chose a trail or trails and lose yourself in a world that seems miles from civilization. The visitor centers provide educational information or a quiet place to rest after hiking. Cost of this spectacular afternoon is free!

As a treat at the end of your day, follow the Great River Road to Balltown. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the Mississippi River all the way to Cassville, Wisconsin from the bluff along the Balltown Road. To top off your day, visit Breitbach’s Fine County Dining for a meal to conclude a perfect day. The cost is relative to your choice of food but reasonable. The view is free!

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